Family Law


Divorce can be an emotionally and financially overwhelming experience. It's important to find an attorney who is sympathetic to and understanding of your needs during this difficult time. Sole practitioner Kyrsten Niemiec is a lawyer who will help you throughout the process, utilizing a common sense approach to all issues related to your specific case.

If you're contemplating divorce, you are likely wondering how your life will change. You might be wondering how often you will get to see your children, how you will get by financially or what retirement will look like for you. You may wonder what it will be like to parent alone or how you will handle medical or schooling decisions for your children now. Ms. Niemiec will help you navigate the issues presented in your case and give you the tools and information you need to make decisions and see your way forward.

Custody/Parenting Time/Support

The law can be confusing with regard to child custody, parenting time and child support. It is overwhelming to appear in court to plead your case before strangers when you are already going through so much. It is helpful to have someone on your side, who can not only speak for you, but who will support you through the process. Ms. Niemiec knows how important it is that you secure custody and/or parenting time with your children and will work to help you achieve that. She will also work to make sure that you are awarded the appropriate amount of child support.


Issues of paternity are particularly stressful and challenging for parents. Children who are born outside of a legally recognized marriage in Michigan are sometimes treated differently by the law. In order to establish legal paternity, an affidavit of parentage must be executed or an action to establish paternity must be brought before the court. A paternity action can seem complicated and even scary. She can help you get through the process.

Ms. Niemiec is sensitive to the stress her clients often experience during a domestic relations matter. She strives to reduce client stress by identifying the potential issues and outcomes presented by each client's individual case as early in the process as possible. She also works to present information to her clients in a straightforward and understandable way, so that they can feel comfortable with the process and the decisions being made.

If you need immediate representation in Monroe County, if you are simply contemplating divorce or otherwise need advice as to any domestic relations matter, please contact Kyrsten Niemiec, PLC, to schedule a consultation. Call the office at 734-240-0110 or reach her online.