Managing A Difficult Situation

Divorce is a complex topic where it's common to run the full range of emotions, often one after the other. Determining child custody and property division are stressful matters, piled atop the chaos of trying to get a fresh start on your life. The right attorney will help you balance these tasks.

Kyrsten Niemiec, PLC, has over a decade of experience helping families in difficult times. Ms. Niemiec will guide you through the legal process, minimizing the pain of negotiation and easing the stress of a life in transition. She'll be here to help you confront the difficult choices and find solutions, and flexing her strength to defend your needs.

Understanding What Is At Stake

The most divisive topics in divorce are determining property division and child custody. In Michigan, marital property is generally anything you have acquired since the marriage (with some limited exceptions). The divorce settlement determines how to split your shared assets, meaning all property, debts and real estate. Child custody is decided in relation to the child's best interests, which are measured by a variety of factors from the parent-child relationship.

Other factors in a divorce settlement include spousal support, child support and parenting plans. Ms. Niemiec will guide you through these issues while making sure you receive fair results.

Looking To A Fresh Start

The hardest part of divorce is moving forward amid the difficult conversations. The role of your attorney is to manage the process to completion, getting you over the hill so you can see the other side. Your divorce should provide closure on your marriage while creating a vision that cares for your children and provides a comfortable new start.

Kyrsten Niemiec is a lawyer who will fight for you, but also tell it like it is. With over ten years of family law experience in Monroe, she is familiar with the workings of the county courts and how to strategically bargain in your favor.

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