Divorce can be an emotionally and financially overwhelming experience. It’s important to find a family law attorney who is sympathetic and understanding during this difficult time. Kyrsten Niemiec is a family lawyer who will help you throughout the process, utilizing a common sense approach to all issues related to your specific case.

If you are thinking about divorce, you know it will change your life. You might be wondering how often you will get to see your children, how will it impact you financially, or what retirement will look like for you? You may wonder what it will be like to parent alone or how you will handle medical or schooling decisions. Kyrsten will guide you through the issues and give you the information needed to make the decisions that keep you moving forward.

Custody/Parenting Time/Support

The law can be confusing with regard to child custody, parenting time and child support payments. It’s helpful to have someone on your side who can speak for you and support you. As a parent herself, Kyrsten knows how important your children are to you. She will help you protect your children by working to make sure the custody and parenting time determinations are in the best interest of your children. If you have custody of your children, you will likely receive child support. She will work to make sure you are awarded the appropriate amount of child support based on the needs of the children. If you are the non-custodial parent, she will work to make sure that the dollar amount awarded is fair and in compliance with the Michigan Child Support Guidelines.

Paternity Rights

Issues of paternity are particularly stressful and challenging for parents. Children born outside of a legally recognized marriage in Michigan are sometimes treated differently by the law. Establishing legal paternity can seem complicated and even scary.  It all starts with an Affidavit of Parentage, which must be filed to establish paternity. As an experienced family law attorney, Kyrsten can help you get through the process.

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Common Questions About Family Law


There are two types of custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody is the term used to describe the decisions parents make about things like schooling, medical treatment and religious affiliation while the term physical custody is simply used to describe who has the child at a particular time/most often. Courts most often award parents joint legal custody. Physical custody can also be joint but there are times when it is awarded to one parent alone.


When a child is very young, the Court generally does not take the child’s preference into consideration. As the child grows, however, the Court becomes more inclined to give weight to the child’s opinions and choice.