When you create your estate plan, you can make changes and decisions that allow many assets to pass outside of probate. There are times, however, when you have no choice but to open a probate estate. This often happens when the person who has died had no estate planning in place. It can also happen when the deceased owned assets that could not pass to another person without a court order.

It is usually possible to probate a small estate via what is called an “unsupervised administration” or informal proceeding. Conversely, there are times when it is appropriate to ask for a “supervised administration” or formal proceedings. I will help you determine which one suits your needs. Once we decide which route woks best for you, I will help you through the process.

There are many steps, and lots of paperwork, involved in opening an estate, whether unsupervised/informal or supervised/formal and then administering its probate. I can help you navigate those steps, take some of the pressure off of you and allow you to focus on processing the loss of your loved one.